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Historical Signatures

Caroline Bonaparte
Queen consort of Naples and Sicily
Grand Duchess consort of Berg and Cleves
Princess Murat


Caroline Bonaparte
Maria Annunziata Carolina (Marie Annonciade Caroline) Murat (25 March 1782 – 18 May 1839) sister of Napoleon Bonaparte. Her complete title was "Princesse française, Grand Duchess Consort of Berg and Cleves, Queen Consort of Naples and Sicily, Princess Consort Murat, Comtesse de Lipona.
Letter Signed LR,  $4000.00

Pauline Bonaparte
Duchess of Guastalla
Princess consort of Sulmona and of Rossano
Princess of France

Pauline Bonaparte, born Maria Paoletta Buonaparte (20 October 1780 – 9 June 1825) was the first sovereign Duchess of Guastalla, an imperial French Princess and the Princess consort of Sulmona and Rossano. She was the sixth child of Letizia Ranmolio and Carl Buonaparte, Corsica's representative to the court of King Louis XVI of France. Her elder brother, Napoleon, was the first Emperor of the French. She marriedCharles Leclerc, a French general, a union ended by his death in 1802. Later, she married Camillo Borghese, Prince of Sulmona. She was the only Bonaparte sibling to visit Napoleon on his principality, Elba.
Pauline had quite a scandalous reputation with her many lovers and extravagant spending. She wore gossamer thin muslin gowns so sheer that nothing of her body was left to the imagination. Pauline bathed every day in a bathtub of water and milk to keep her skin soft and white. She was carried to her bath by Paul, the negro servant who bathed her. She receiving her male guests while lounging in her tub, clad in her chemise. Where she spend many hours with her guests, selecting her parfume, rouging her nipples, and having her hair done.
Signed letter and addressed cover to Roma $12,000.00

Elisa Bonaparte
Grand Duchess of Tuscany
Duchess of Lucca and Princess of Piombino
Countess of Compignano

Maria Anna (Marie Anne) Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi Levoy, Princesse Française, Duchess of Lucca and Princess of Piobino, Grand Duchess of Tuscany, Countess of Compignano (3 January 1777 – 7 August 1820), was the fourth surviving child and eldest surviving daughter of Carlo Buonaparte and Letizia Ramolino. A younger sister of Napoleon, she also had elder brothers Joseph and Lucien. As Princess of Piombino and Lucca, then Grand Duchess of Tuscany, she became his only sister to possess political power. Their relations were sometimes strained due to her sharp tongue. Highly interested in the arts, particularly the theatre, she encouraged them in the territories over which she ruled.
 Signed letter addressed to Monsieur le Duc Ministre de la Guerre, Henri-Jacques-Guillaume Clarke, 1st Count of Hunebourg, 1st Duke of Feltre.  $8500.00


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